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I have truly been honored to work with the talent and beautiful consciousness of Stefan Mitchell. He is a gift to the world! ~ Rev. Alice Anderson, Senior Minister, Christ Church Unity

Working with Stefan was the most awesome, conscious and professional experience I’ve had in my career as a Music Director at Unity. He could teach the course on How to Bring Consciousness and Love As a Guest Artist. His presence at Christ Church Unity, Orlando brought new meaning to the word “work” and set a new bar for our definition of connection with an audience. Thank you for your gifts and spirit, Stefan! ~ Lisa Firestone, Music Director, Christ Church Unity Orlando, FL

I like how Stefan does not write just feel good, paint it pretty songs. They are sometimes sweet and vulnerable… yet they are also deeply compelling as a fresh call from Spirit. Each reveals a fresh approach to reflecting the call of Spirit. Stefan is one of the actual pioneers on this path to bring Truth to the broader public light. His voice, and I do not just mean his singing voice, is connected, touching and authentic. Most importantly, Stefan is guileless. I am so grateful that I get to travel the path with him from time to time. ~ Sydney Steen, Music Director, Unity of Portland

Unity Church of Dallas was richly blessed by Stefan's presence at our Sunday service. His talent, passion, and pure love radiated throughout the sanctuary as we enjoyed the gift of his voice! I look forward to having him return again and again! ~ Rev. Karen Epps, Unity of Dallas

Stefan Mitchell brings a warmth, integrity and humility to his musical offerings that not only inspire the soul but open an avenue for you to see his huge heart. His talent and sincerity is always a welcome blessing and spiritual boost for our congregation. When a musician first asks “how can I support your service” it is obvious they are a true “minister of music” and Stefan never fails to ask that question. His rich and controlled tenor/baritone is filled with the energy of “ministry” and his playful yet deeply connected presence is very refreshing. We would have him every week if we could.
Rev. Richard Burdick, Unity North Atlanta Church

Unity Church of Christianity in Orlando, Florida loves Stefan Mitchell's mysteriously captivating music. His powerfully entrancing voice lifts the audience to a higher vibration by getting to each soul's center and holding them all in a transformation that has the entire congregation standing on their feet, enveloped in joy and grace. Believe me. I saw it done. In one word....remarkable!
Brian Etiniear, L.M.T., Music Director, Unity Church of Christianity, Orlando, Florida

Our Church has an exceptionally high standard for its musicians and singers and Stefan was stellar. We've already invited him back--twice! That should suffice as a reference, but there's one more important thing: I adore working with singers who come to serve Spirit and us--not themselves. Stefan is one of those amazingly unique, beautifully talented people: so competent, so moving, so genuine, and gracious. He's an absolute joy to have and experience--everyone fell in love with him!
Rev. Sky St. John, Unity Church of Hawai'i, Honolulu, HI

After over twenty years in ministry, Stefan Mitchell is at the top of my list when choosing an inspirational vocalist. He has your audience jumping to their feet and cheering in a spontaneous ovation one moment and sitting in sacred and respectful silence the next. He powerfully captivates listeners through a style and vocal range that are second to none. When he leaves his soulful and healing message through music at your place just once, people will want him back time and time again.

Stefan deeply and genuinely cares about the ministries he serves, the people he meets and being a true professional in every sense of the word. His easy-going, cooperative spirit of service makes it effortless to bring an abundance of radiant light to your event or service. He is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet or work with.

Rev. Michael Moran, Senior Minister, Spiritual Life Center, Sacramento, CA

Stefan has a strong natural grace on stage. He is absolutely captivating.
Seattle Times

I have such respect and admiration for Stefan's creativity. What he writes, how he presents the idea and the soul from which it all flows is Truly inspirational. I hope he comes back again and again.
Rev. James A. Mellon, Founding Pastor, NoHo Arts Center for New Thought

I wish all my singers could have witnessed Stefan Mitchell. Not only did he prove to be one of the easiest talented singers to work with, but he was also in service to our ministry - a music director's dream.
Fred Albers, Music Director, Unity Overland Park KC

Each time Stefan Mitchell sings at our church I say the same thing to my music director, "That was a perfect match musically and energetically to the talk." Stefan is one of the best. His passion, compassion and love of The Divine ooze forth from every cell of his being. You will want him back again and again.
Rev. Richard Levy, Seattly Unity

There are a lot of great singers in the world who can sing on key, and do amazing things with their voice. Yet, that extra special quality that transforms music to art and inspiration really is the heart of the artist. When they are connected to the music, the message, and inspiration from the Divine, something amazing happens. This is what happens when Stefan Mitchell sings, something amazing happens! It is more than just a song, it is a powerful energy that moves his audience into a new place.
Rev. Dr. Michelle Medrano, New Vision Spiritual Growth Center, Scottsdale, AZ

Stefan is the real deal. His presence raises the energy and consciousness of the room and his talent is touching and inspiring.
Rev. Will Bowen, Christ Church Unity KC, Author of A Complaint Free World

Stefan Mitchell is a gift. Being in the presence of artists who are as devoted to their craft as they are to their journey is rare. Stefan's devotion to both is seen and heard in his work. His level of excellence is matched by his taste, his sincerity, and his willingness to dare.His music is a unique expression—it is both a show and spirit and an experience of presence. As a minister who doesn't "get to go to church" anymore, I always "get church" when Stefan sings with us. Lucky are they who get church from Stefan.
Rev. John McLean, Senior Minister, Bellevue Unity

I have had the great pleasure of working with Stefan Mitchell both in Sunday services and in special concerts. I am always deeply impressed with his talent -- and even more impressed with his consciousness. I look forward to many more opportunities to work together -- and I recommend his talent and his energy without reservation.
Rev Ed Townley, Unity Church of Dallas

If the standard you are setting for your Sunday Service is one of excellence, choose Stefan Mitchell. His vocal talents raise the bar and create an atmosphere where people can experience the Presence of God.
Rev. Chris Michaels, Center for Spiritual Living, Kansas City

Excellent performers are common. Music Ministers are rare. Stefan Mitchell is a powerful member of the latter few. I highly recommend that you give your spiritual community the gift of Stefan Mitchell.
Richard Held, Music Director, Center for Spiritual Living, Kansas City, MO

Yes, there is no doubt your gift has been revealed to you (and all who hear you and are fortunate enough to see you perform live). For me, it's so wonderful to hear contemporary music with meaning, filled with Spirit and heart, that goes beyond the normal Christian realm of music available.

Stefan Mitchell is a blessing in our New Thought world of singer/songwriters. His energy, professionalism and incredible voice make him an outstanding choice for any church service, conference or any kind of gathering where people are open to being moved, inspired and transformed. He is making an incredible impact in the world and is sharing his gift with all of us!
Dr. Karen Drucker

Stefan is an awesome singer who brings an intimate and sacred delivery to every song. He received a standing ovation in both services and wowed the congregation. We are looking forward to more presentations from this talented artist.
Penelope Williams - Music Minister, Unity North Atlanta Church

Stefan has an incredible gift. A voice, amazing presence and a keen gentleness surrounding him. I was truly moved.
Nancy Lucks, Seattle Rotary Club president

“Perfect Mystery” is one of the most brilliant cds I've ever heard. The lyrics are stunning; creating very moving images and feelings. The music is perfect. The melody and harmony take fitting but unexpected journeys that are a true delight. I feel the passion in the music down to the core of my soul. Thank you (and all who contributed) for a phenomenal experience. I have listened to your cd over and over and over. I can't tell you how many times I've listened to "Lean Into Me". That is such a powerful reminder for me that I am never, ever alone. I always have to listen to that song a few extra times before moving on. Thank you from the bottom of heart. I am truly touched.
Patty Stratton

Stefan pours his soul into singing and songwriting. When Stefan sings, he prays, he blesses, and he amazes his audience through inspirational words and a voice that reaches beyond this realm. Listening to him is a transformative experience.
Karen Lindvig, Minister, Seattle Unity

Stefan is such a natural with these heart-opening ballads, you'd think that's all he ever sang - but here's the shocker: he's got *amazing* chops for rock and roll.
Erin McGaughan, Seattle Unity and Unity of Bellevue

To listen to Stefan is to have heard God.
Rev. David Bruner

Stefan Mitchell's From Within is an inspiring album. Not only is the musicianship excellent, but the message is refreshing for today's spiritually minded seekers evoking an atmosphere of reverence and prayerful contemplation.
Rev. Edward Viljoen, DD

I love the music of Stefan Mitchell. He's one of my very favorite singers. Not only does he have a great voice, a great talent, but a huge heart that he shares with everyone. You can't listen to Stefan sing without being touched at a deep level. Rev. Kathianne Lewis, DD, Senior Minister, Center for Spiritual Living, Seattle

To say that Stefan Mitchell sings with heart, conviction, and charisma is an understatement. I am always moved by his singing - his music is deep ministry. Rev. Mary Manin Morrissey

Stefan's voice touches the soul, lifts the heart, stirs the faith, and fills us with joy. Rev. Edwene Gaines

It is such a blessing to write words of Support for Stefan's CD. The talent, strength and beauty that pours forth through the music is deeply moving.The production, "FROM WITHIN" incorporates the musical talents of a number of inspired beings. I have played the CD for a couple of weeks almost daily and still feel Stefan's fresh approach to the words and the melodies as if listening for the first time. May this CD move mountains and bring joy to every listener.
Rev. Max Lafser, Unity of Bellevue

Stefan’s glorious voice and heart-opening passion will leave you spellbound – and uplifted. His combination of spiritual and musical gifts is truly one in a million.
Eric O’del, (former) Music Ministry Director, Center for Spiritual Living, Seattle

What greater pleasure is there for a composer than to have a singer pour his heart and soul into one of her songs? And I have that great pleasure often with Stefan Mitchell. His singing immediately conveys his emotions, or the heart of the song, to the listener, thereby allowing both the singer and the listener a vibrant and fulfilling emotional experience. Not to mention, a beautiful aural experience!
Susan Bardsley

Dear Stefan, I thoroughly appreciate every moment of your new CD, particularly your choice of selections and the clear and wonderful clarity of your voice. What a gift you have been given. Your sensitivity in choosing those particular pieces is a reflection of your own spiritual direction, and it will resonate with many who want to hear a more inclusive and loving approach to the spiritual life. The clear and resonant quality of your voice reflects the sincerity of your soul and offers a compelling channel for listeners to move into their own inner being, the place where God ultimately meets all of us. It is clear to me that this gift you offer has come "From Within."
Rev. Rodney Romney

Stefan opens the heart with his voice, with his phrasing and expression; opening the heart to allow the mind to relax, to take in the deeper sense of connection, of ONEness that we all crave. Stefan has a quality of voice and of Self that melts the every-day and lifts the spirit.. a style that connects the generations. He is a heart-felt gift. He has a heart-felt gift.
Garnett Hundley

Multi-talented and genuine, exceptionally creative and passionate - that's Stefan Mitchell.
Tom Evans, Tom Evans Marketing

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