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Stefan Mitchell has emerged as a vocal artist of awakening consciousness on the planet. His rich, multi-dimensional vocal style, poignant lyrical tapestries and captivating stage performance give listeners the soul searing depth of a longed for spiritual connection. From the power that moves through his performances to his wry sense of humor, Stefan lives his belief that we are all made of one spirit. He feels that the deeper the recognition of that single spirit in our self and others, the better the planet will heal.

Stefan’s culturally diverse perspective came about naturally as he grew up all over the world, an Air force brat. Born in Maryland, educated in several countries in Europe and several regions in the U.S., Stefan naturally became a citizen of the world with heartfelt interests in the whole planet and her people. From age nine, Stefan played music wherever he was living at the time. Through his own stint in the Air Force and in college he played music and performed theatrically as well. He never took a lesson, but spirit flowed freely through him as an amazing drummer and vocalist because of inherent talent, his tremendous desire to play and the great love he put in his work.

His gift came to the forefront in 1990 when he sang at the campfires at Camp Rainbow Gold in Sun Valley, Idaho, a camp for children with cancer. His CD Wish Boats and Love Knots was recorded with tender loving care and good old-fashioned camp humor especially for these children.

In 1994, Stefan moved to Seattle to perform and record three CDs with the rock band neverMAN. He also worked in film, television and the theater wowing Seattle audiences in multiple roles at the Fifth Avenue Theatre and as featured vocalist at the Opera House and Benaroya Hall. Just for fun, he did voiceover work for Gary Larson’s The Far Side. Versatility and amazing, captivating style continued to emerge beautifully.

A simple invitation from an actor’s wife to sing in her church steered the course of Stefan’s work in a new direction in 2002. Since that first offering at the Seattle Center for Spiritual Living, Stefan’s focus has been on writing and singing the songs of spirit and soul that are the hallmark of his international acclaim. Carefully crafted and powerfully delivered through his expansive vocal range, Stefan’s music resonates uniquely within each individual. You don’t just listen. You respond.

Stefan’s purpose in this work is to heal the planet one song at a time. It’s happening now. Stefan has been a presenter for spiritual organizations and metaphysical conferences throughout the U.S., Mexico and Canada. He has performed in New Zealand, the UK, Australia and Japan and shared the stage with internationally known personalities such as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jean Houston and Dr. Jane Goodall. All over the world, people wonder how Stefan can make the tension between the deep spiritual reach of his songs and the playful, light-hearted way he approaches life resolve. Every concert receives a standing ovation. Or two. Or three! He humbly responds that it is just the very real way our Creator has manifested talent THROUGH a spiritual being having a delightfully physical experience here on earth.

Ten of these spiritually rich and reflective songs are on the CD, From Within, released in 2005. Stefan’s first original song is the title track. Perfect Mystery came next in 2006. Its upbeat pop/rock feel enhances the messages of hope and resolution of the human condition in a different way. Five original songs are the true substance of this work including Lean into Me, a One Vibration Radio favorite. That song plus The Other Side of Letting Go and Remember to Breathe all made Boadjam.com’s top ten songs.

In 2009 Stefan released the CD, Simple Gifts. Broad and rich in scope, over 30 musicians worked together for two years to make this magnificent artistic endeavor possible. Four original songs radiate the professional maturity of Stefan's work. Simple Gifts helps wake up the world to a new and informed consciousness about our fate as individuals and that of the planet. See truth's power in this collection bring wholeness to any listener, as the music envelopes one's soul and leads to a higher better place.

Stefan's latest album, Decade of Devotion, honors his decade of service and inspiration as a performer and creator of New Thought music.

Stefan also recorded an album of jazz standards in 2007, Crush.

Through all of his artistic endeavors and unparalleled success in creating a new music genre, Stefan remains gracious. He knows his work is about the message, not the man. The synergy between Stefan’s work and the topic of awakening consciousness in pop culture is vibrant and alive. The world is ready to listen.


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